You Are There


By Susan Johnson

You Are There was an old time radio show, which ran from 1947-1950, that took historic events and then told the story as if reporting on a live radio broadcast. The scripts were as accurate and possible and the way the event was delivered to the audience made these shows very believable and exciting.

47-12-14 ep09 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

48-01-11 ep13 The Burr – Hamilton Duel

48-04-11 ep25 The Last Day of Pompeii

48-05-02 ep28 The Surrender of Sitting Bull

48-09-26 ep43 Ann Hutchinsons Trial

48-10-03 ep44 The First Battle of Bull Run

48-10-10 ep45 Columbus Discovers America

48-10-17 ep46 The Trial of Marie Antoinette

48-10-31 ep48 The Election of Thomas Jefferson

49-01-16 ep59 Mutiny in the Colonial Army

49-01-23 ep60 Toussaint Louverture Liberates Haiti

49-01-30 ep61 Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple

49-02-06 ep62 The Trial of John Peter Zenger

49-02-13 ep63 The Battle of Hastings

49-02-20 ep64 The Ordeal of Savonarola

49-03-06 ep66 The Rise of Alexander the Great – Peace Offer

49-03-13 ep67 The Rise of Alexander the Great – Battle for Asia


49-03-20 ep68 The Rise of Alexander the Great – Mutiny in India

49-03-27 ep69 The Okalahoma Land Run

49-04-10 ep71 Perry’s Dash to the North Pole

49-04-17 ep72 Napoleon Returns from Elba

49-05-29 ep78 The Siege of Leiden – Holland

49-10-30 ep81 The Trial of Burr

49-12-25 ep83 Charlemagne

50-01-22 ep84 New Amsterdam

50-02-19 ep85 Charge of the Light Brigade

50-03-19 ep86 Stamp Act Rebellion

50-04-16 ep87 Thermopolae

50-05-14 ep88 William Penn Trial

50-06-11 ep89 Women’s Rights






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