World Adventurer’s Club

World Adventurer’s Club was first broadcast in 1932. So many people were caught in the grips of the Great Depression and for those that still owned a radio, World Adventurer’s Club was a great escape for many to help them escape for a while from the harsh reality of the times. The show comes off as a report being told to members of a haughty gentlemen’s club, from another member who has just come home from an adventure in an exotic location.

01 Introduction To The Old Time Radio Researcher’s Group

02 World Adventurer’s Club intro

(01) Papua Escape

(02) The Manchurian Limited

(03) Pancho Villa’s Treasure

(04) The Borneo Diamond

(05) The Frozen North

(06) Land Of Doomed Souls

(07) Land Of Death

(08) Land Of Darkness

(09) Land Of The Black Hand

(10) India, The Mystery Land

(11) The Tattooed Rose

(12) Norway’s Luck

(13) The Elephant’s Graveyard

(14) The Living Shroud

(15) The Treasure Hunt

(16) Hidden Fangs


(17) The Fire Dog

(18) The Black White Man

(19) Grains Of Death

(20) Hairy Wild Man

(21) Malay Madness

(22) The Pale Flame

(23) Storm On The Sea

(24) The Fawn

(25) Kaditcha

(26) Mukin In The Khyber

(27) The Madonna’s Tear

(28) Dead Men Walk

(29) Living Mummy

(30) Mad Monk Of Ankor Wat

(31) Vengeance

(32) The Continental Express





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