Wild Bill Hickok

This old time radio show was the typical western with the side of law and order winning.. Guy Madison played Wild Bill Hickok and his trusty sidekick, Jingles was played by Andy Devine.  Kellogg’s Sugar Pops sponsored the show and it aired on the radio from 1951 until 1956, when it then crossed over to television success.

Episode 1 First Broadcast

Episode 2 The Missouri Kid

Episode 3 The Case of the Unlucky Seven

Episode 4 An Outlaw’s Revenge

Episode 5 The Red Wagon Jinx

Episode 6 A Cave-In

Episode 7 Outlaw’s Bargain

Episode 8 A Charge on Devil’s Mountain

Episode 9 The Road Agents at Red Rock

Episode 10 The Shadow Hill Gang

Episode 11 The Confidence Game

Episode 12 Press For Justice

Episode 13 Warpath or Peace

Episode 14 The Secret of Arroyo Diablo

Episode 15 Ghost Town Gold

Episode 16 The Trail of Death

Episode 17 Trail Herd Trouble

Episode 18 A Dangerous Wedding


Episode 19 The Fury of Savage River

Episode 20 Mixed Brands

Episode 21 Four Aces to Death

Episode 22 The Mysterious Fist

Episode 23 Range War

Episode 24 Untitled

Episode 25 White Fury

Episode 27 A Blind Trail

Episode 28 The Men Who Didn’t Come Back

Episode 29 A Mission in Alamagordo

Episode 30 The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double Eagles

Episode 31 Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch

Episode 32 The Vengeance Trail

Episode 33 The Voice of Echo Canyon

Episode 34 The Gold Maker

Episode 35 The Red Trunk Riddle

Episode 36 The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge

Episode 37 Wyatt Foster’s Secret

Episode 38 The Wheels of Doom


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