Vic And Sade

Vic and Sade was an old time radio soap opera that began in 1932 and continued on until 1944 in its first incarnation. The show consisted of 15 minutes episodes and was actually broadcast,  sometimes 6 times each day, on all three of the major radio networks.

The show consisted of married couple, Vic and Sade Gook.  An adopted son, whose name was Rush, was soon added to the show. The show won awards for its excellence in writing and acting. In 1949, three half hour shows were made for TV. In 1957, seven fifteen minute episodes ran on TV.

1937-05-28 Decoration Day Parade

1937-05-28 Decoration Day Parade 12m53s

1937-06-04 Sade’s Trip To Dwight

1937-11-28 Congress The Supreme Court

1937 Two Episodes From 1937

1938-03-03 Official Host

1938-11-30 Vic’s New Hat

1939-01-02 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan

1939-01-16 Flower Garden Arranger

1939-03-08 Mr. Erickson’s House Repairs

1939-04-03 Rush’s Speaking Acquaintances

1939-04-25 Rotten Davis Telephones

1939-04-26 Sade’s New Luggage

1939-05-11 The Davises Are Asleep Upstairs

1939-06-01 Grandpa Snyder’s Christmas Cards

1939-06-05 Flirch Tries To Call

1939-06-13 A Porch Collapses

1939-07-05 Two Tons Of Coal

1939-08-30 Rush’s Pre-selected School Clothes

1939-09-06 Office Work At Home


1939-09-22 Sade Provides Names Of Wildflowers

1939-09-xx Rush Tenders His Resignation

1939-10-06 Double Feature In Hopewood

1939-10-30 Five Christmas Card Salesmen

1939-10-31 Blue-tooth Under Gook Davenport

1939-11-06 Charley R.’s Fish Snapshot

1939-11-07 Smelly Makes A Speech

1939-12-xx Rush Is Getting On In Years

1939-12-xx Vic’s Christmas Card List

1939 A Letter To Walter

1939 Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade A Stall

1939 Sade Volunteers 14 Yr. Old Rush For Pageant

1939 Sade Volunteers Rush For Pageant

1939 Show 2 Of 3

1939 Show 3 Of 3

1939-Six Episodes From 1939

1939 Vic’s Geographical Trip

1939 Hank Gave To Gustav

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