This was an old time radio show that was presented in 15-minute segments. The show was made up of weird and scary tales and the show always concluded with something unexpected, in order to give the listeners a good scare. Good actors, such as, Barry Sullivan, helped to make this show suspenseful and thrilling.

001 Mercy Killing

022 The Revere Cup

003 Solid Citizen

004 Cargo Unknown

005 Easy Money

006 Find The Man

007 Revenge

008 The Cripple

009 Fool’s Silver

010 Horoscope

011 Eaves Dropper

012 Legacy


013 Museum

014 Understudy

015 King Champion

016 The Mink Coat

017 Finale

018 Rematch

019 Sweet Sixteen

020 Shipwreck

021 The Winfield Diamond

022 The Revere Cup

023 Silver Fox


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