The Whistler

This old time radio show ran for 13 years, from 1942 to 1955. The Whistler was the host and narrator of the show, which was a mix of crime and macabre. The show always ended in a way that people rarely expected. Bill Forman played the Whistler throughout the years, although there were several others who played him. Dorothy Roberts whistled the Whistler’s eerie whistle each week for the entire 13 years.

Bird of Prey

Boiling Point



Cover Up

Final Decree

Five Cent Call

House of Greed

Hudson Bay Incident

Incident at Her Royal Grande

Man Of Distinction

Prelude By Harry S Truman Till Death Do Us Part


Return Engagement

Stranger In The House

The Body Of Billingsgate

The Chinese Elephant Puzzle

The Dark Room

The Human Catalyst

The Professor And The Fox

Ticket For Murder

What Makes A Murderer






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