The Shadow


The old time radio show, The Shadow, came about to increase sales of the Detective Story Magazine. James LaCurto was the first narrator for the series, but when Frank Readick, Jr., took over the role, he gave it a new voice that thrilled the listeners. The first run of The Shadow was from 1930 until 1935. It returned in 1937 and this was the old time radio show that became a classic.

Orson Welles played Lamont Cranston who was the rich young man about town. Frank Readick would put a water glass beside his mouth, in order to get the echo effect during the reading of the infamous line, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

1937-09-26 Death House Rescue

1937-10-17 Murder By The Dead

1937-10-24 The Temple Bells Of Neban

1937-10-31 The Three Ghosts

1937-11-28 Circle Of Death

1937-12-12 The Death Triangle

1938-01-09 League Of Terror

1938-01-16 Sabotage


1938-01-23 Society Of The Living Dead

1938-01-30 Poison Death

1938-02-06 The Phantom Voice

1938-02-20 Hounds In The Hills

1938-02-27 The Plot Murder

1938-03-06 The Bride Of Death

1938-03-13 Silent Avenger

1938-03-20 The White Legion



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