The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley was an old time radio show that starred William Bendix as Chester A. Riley. This situation comedy began its long run of radio and television on July 25, 1943 when the pilot episode premiered. When the show moved to television in the 1950’s, Jackie Gleason played the role of Riley in the first season, but William Bendix took the role over in its second season and played Riley¬†until¬†his death four years later in 1964.

1943-07-25 pilot Riley WantsTo Build A House starts At 34 Sec

1944-01-16 Episode 001 Riley Plans To Build A House

1944-02-06 Episode 004 Riley Rents A House-Moves From The Hotel

1944-02-13 Episode 005 Telephone Story Low Vol

1944-02-20 Episode 006 Van Planten Theatre Pt. 1

1944-03-26 Episode 011 The Barber Chair

1944-04-02 Episode 012 Riley’s Birthday Low Vol

1944-04-09 Episode 013 Riley Is Best-Dressed Man Top Volume

1944-04-30 Episode 016 Baxter Goes To New York High Volume

1944-05-07 Episode 017 The Dog Catcher

1944-05-14 Episode 018 Riley Fixes Dinner For Mother’s Day

1944-06-04 Episode 021 Fish Story

1944-06-25 Episode 024 Riley Tries To Marry Baxter To Miss Grimshaw Starts At 50 Sec

1944-08-27 Episode 033 The Houseboat Vacation Part 1

1944-09-03 Episode 034 The Houseboat Vacation Part 2


1944-09-24 Episode 037 Making Each Other Jealous High Vol

1944-10-08 Episode 039 Muley’s Surprise Party For Riley

1944-10-22 Episode 041 The Boss’ s Son-in-Law

1944-10-29 Episode 042 Halloween Haunted House

1944-11-05 Episode 043 Piano Lessons For Junior

1944-11-12 Episode 044 Big Football Bet

1944-11-19 Episode 045 Turkey Hunt

1944-11-26 Episode 046 Bridesmaid Babs

1944-12-03 Episode 047 Most Popular Boy

1944-12-10 Episode 048 Riley’s Mash Note At Night School

1944-12-17 Episode 049 Special Christmas Present

1944-12-24 Episode 050 Roswell’s A Guest For Christmas

1944-12-31 Episode 051 New Year’s Eve Party

1945-01-07 Episode 052 Silver Gloves Boxing

1945-01-14 Episode 053 The Wedding Anniversary



2 Responses to The Life of Riley

  1. Linda Marie says:

    I remember the Life of Riley. I loved watching it as a child. Did not know Jackie Gleason played Riley in the first year. Going to listen to all the episodes. Thanks for sharing. Love your stuff!!