The Jimmy Durante Show

jimmy duranteJimmy Durante was a vaudeville performer who transitioned onto the radio in the 1920’s.  He guest starred on a few shows and eventually had his own show called the Jimmy Durante Show in the 1940’s.  He came up with quite a few catch phrases that were very popular, such as, “ha-cha-cha-cha” and “Good night, Mrs. Calabash.”  He referred to his big nose and penned the name, “Schnozzola,” which referred to his big nose.


Christmas Show

The Case Of The Missing Ring

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera

Guest Greer Garson

Jimmy and Eddie Cantor Remember Their Early Years

Arthur Treacher Moves In With Jimmy

Making A Movie With Lucille Ball

Jimmy Sings With Bing Crosby

Jimmy And Dorothy Lamour Go To Washington

Preparing A Live Turkey For Thanksgiving

Cyrano De Bergerac With Charles Boyer

Boris Karloff As Happy Sam the Record Man

Victor Moore Helps Jimmy With VP Campaign

Christmas Eve At Home-Treacher, O’Brien, P Lee

New Year’s Eve With Red Skelton

The Road To Pismo Beach With Bob Hope

Killer Moore – The Boxer – Frank Morgan Subs

Captain Jolies Showboat – Al Jolson Subs

Jimmy Returns To The Show

Bear Wrestling At The County Fair

Jimmy’s Birthday Party

Jimmy Durante and Vincent Moore Go To A NightClub


Jimmy Durante and Vincent Moore Go To A Racetrack

Jimmy Durante and Vincent Moore Take Flying Lessons

Jimmy Runs For Vice President With Van Johnson

Looking For A Cheap Vacation Spot

Campaigning On Campus With Rose Marie

A Woman For President With Dorothy Lamour

Jimmy Investigates The Housing Shortage

Jimmy Solicits The Show Biz Vote

Women In Industry with Lucille Ball

Survey On Public Transportation Shortage

Should A Presidential Candidate Be Married

How Can Government Help Small Businesses

Jimmy Seeks Endorsements From Sports Heroes

Should Men Be Allowed In Beauty Parlors

Last Show Of The Season (incomplete)

With Guest Florence Halop

Problems With Christmas Dinner with Rose Marie

Opening Of Baseball Season

Don Ameche Has Wife Problems

Bond Drive From Cleveland





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