The Cavalcade of America

Cavalcade of AmericaThis old time radio program first aired in 1935 and the DuPont Company sponsored this show. In 1952, the show was on both television and radio, but in 1953, the radio show ended. The Cavalcade of America was a show that highlighted the triumph of the human spirit in the face of any trial or tribulation.

The DuPont Company had the motto, “Maker of better things for better living through chemistry,” and the show illustrated improvements in the way of life because of technological advances. This was an excellent radio show and the show stayed on the air for 13 years, so more episodes will be added over time. Enjoy some of the greatest moment in American history!

35-10-09 001 No Turning Back

35-10-16 002 The Will to Conquer Distance

35-10-23 003 The Spirit of Competition

35-10-30 004 The Will to Rebuild

35-11-06 005 Faith in Education

35-11-13 006 Woman’s Emancipation

35-11-20 007 Willingness to Share

35-11-27 008 Community Self Reliance

35-12-04 009 Heroism in Medical Science

35-12-11 010 The Will to Explore


35-12-18 011 Defiance of Nature

35-12-25 012 The Humanitarian Urge

36-01-01 013 Declaration of Independence

36-01-08 014 Women in Public Service

36-01-15 015 Building and Architecture

36-01-22 016 Speed Of Words








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