The Bob Hope Show


Bob Hope is one of the most famous comedians of all times. He had a way with monologues and there wasn’t anyone quite like him. Bob had his own radio show and appeared on other old time radio shows from 1935 until 1955, when he became a television star, as well. He had a quick wit and his audiences loved him. He continued entertaining until the age of 93, when he finally retired. Bob Hope lived to be 100 and died in 2003.

No Date From Bob’s Hometown Cleveland

47-04-08 With Al Jolson

48-12-07 Beethoven With BingCrosby

48-11-09 Guests Jack Benny And Doris Day


Early 1950’s From Carswell AFB


50-03-21 With Bing Crosby

Christmas Show-Story Of Bingsy And Bobsy With BingCrosby






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