Strange As It Seems

This is an old time radio show that told of unusual events and people. It first went on the air on March 22, 1935 and was a daily 15 minute show. In 1936, it aired only 2 days per week. In 1939, the show began a half-hour broadcast, one day a week and 72 shows were made. In 1946, the show was once again picked up as a 15 minute program, one day a week. 22 episodes were made during this final stint on the radio.

Episode 1 The Author Who Ate His Book

Episode 2 The Man Who Ate a Fortune

Episode 3 The Man Who Sold the World

Episode 4 The Banquet of Ghosts

Episode 5 The Web of Gold

Episode 6 How America Was Named

Episode 7 The Raw Deal

Episode 8 Where is Swanee River

Episode 9 Fort Blunder

Episode 10 The Diamond Dinner

Episode 11 The Elephant Who Ran a Zoo

Episode 12 The Costliest Temple in the World

Episode 13 The Mysterious River

Episode 14 The Self-Appointed Record Breaker

Episode 15 The Woman Who Tempted Fate

Episode 16 The World’s Smartest Counterfeiter

Episode 17 The World’s Largest Diamond

Episode 18 The Power of the Press

Episode 19 Rome Transplanted


Episode 20 Stories About the Oregon Trail

Episode 21 The Peacemakers

Episode 22 The Happy Accident

Episode 23 London Pays Rent to the King

Episode 24 Poe’s Raven Actually a White Owl

Episode 25 The Martyr to Etiquette

Episode 26 The Devil Tracks of Devonshire

Episode 27 The Man Who Financed the Revolution

Episode 28 The Key That Performed a Miracle

Episode 29 Horseflies That Made History

Episode 30 The Old-Fashioned Cure for Rabies

Episode 31 The Dog Came Back

Episode 32 The Human Horse

Episode 33 The Man Who Solved His Own Crime

Episode 34 The Beard Tax

Episode 35 The World’s Most Valuable Book






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