Raleigh Cigarette Program

Raleigh Cigarette ProgramThe Raleigh Cigarette Program starred Red Skelton and it aired from October 1941 until Skelton was inducted into the army on June 6, 1944. This was the show that he introduced his most famous characters, Clem Kadiddlehopper and Junior. His character, Junior helped raise money to help buy a bomber plane  in only two weeks during World War II,  in 1942 by asking children to donate their spare change. The character, Junior, popularized the phrase, “I dood it!” When the money was raised for the plane, it was christened, “We Dood It!” Ozzie Nelson was the bandleader for the show and when Red Skelton was drafted, this radio show ended and the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet  filled the spot.

10-28-41 Red’s New House

11-14-41 Supermarket’s Food Shopping

11-25-41 I’ll Take Manila

12-16-41 Recent Blackout

01-20-42 Inside Office Buildings

01-27-42 Portable Radios

02-03-42 Superstitious People


02-10-42 Life Insurance

02-17-42 Daylight Savings Time

03-03-42 Spring Cleaning

03-10-42 Victory Garden

03-24-42 Hiking Trip

04-07-42 Ladies Fashion

04-21-42 Food Prices

05-05-42 Ship Ahoy


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