Quiet Please

This old time radio show was written by radio great, Wyllis Cooper. Cooper has even been credited for creating radio drama. He began his career writing copy and then started writing scripts for the radio show, The Empire Builders. In 1933, he created the classic show, Light’s Out, which was aired at midnight, the witching hour, which was the scariest hour of the day. The show had terrifying sound effects and grisly horror. In 1936, Cooper left radio for Hollywood and ended up writing horror screenplays. Moving back to New York, he began writing for The Campbell Playhouse and in 1947, created his very finest, Quiet Please.

Quiet Please was mostly a narrative that was told by Ernest Chappell, who previously had worked as a radio announcer. Ernest draws you into the story and you feel that he is in the room with you, speaking directly to you. The show is known for long, dramatic pauses that had you eagerly awaiting the next sentence.

01 Nothing Behind The Door

02 I’ve Been Looking For You

03 We Were Here First

04 The Ticket Taker

05 Cornelia

06 I Remember Tomorrow

07 Inquest

08 Bring Me To Life

09 How Are You Pal

10 Be A Good Dog Darling

11 Not Enough Time

12 Camera Obscura

13 Pavanne the Girl With The Flaxen Hair

14 Don’t Tell Me About Halloween

15 Take Me Out To The Graveyard

16 Three

17 Kill Me Again

18 In Memory Of Bernadine

19 Come In Eddie

20 Some People Don’t Die

21 Little Fellow

22 Rain On New Years Eve

23 Little Visitor

24 The Room Where Ghosts Live

25 Baker’s Dozen

26 Green Light

27 The Pathetic Fallacy

28 A Red And White Guidon

29 Whence Came You

30 Wear The Dead Man’s Coat

31 Sketch For A ScreenPlay

32 Never Send To Know

33 A Night To Forget

34 Quiet Please

35 I Always Marry Juliet

36 Twelve To Five

37 Clarissa

38 13 And 8

39 How Beautiful Upon The Mountain

40 There Are Shadows Here

41 Gem Of Purest Ray

42 In The House Where I Was Born

43 Not Responsible After 30 Years

44 Let The Lillies Reconsider

45 Wahine Tahiti

46 As Long As I Live

47 The Man Who Stole A Planet

48 It’s Later Than You Think

49 The Thing On The Fourble Board


50 Presto Chango I’m Sure

51 3000 Words

52 The Third Man’s Story

53 Symphony In Minor

54 Anonymous

55 Light The Lamp For Me

56 Meet John Smith John

57 Beezer’s Cellar

58 And Jeannies Dream Of Me

59 Good Ghost

60 Calling All Souls

61 Adam And The Darkest Day

62 The Evening And The Morning

63 One For The Book

64 My Son John

65 Very Unimportant Person

66 Berlin 1945

67 The Time Of The Big Snow

68 Portrait Of A Character

69 Is This Murder

70 Summer Good-bye

71 Northern Lights

72 Tap The Heat Bogdan

73 Valentine

74 Where Do You Get Your Ideas

75 If I Should Wake Before I Die

76 The Man Who Knew Everything

77 Dark Rosaleen

78 The Smell Of High Wine

79 A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die

80 Dialogue For A Tragedy

81 Shadow Of The Wings

82 The Vail Of Glen Cove

83 Dark Grey Magic

84 Other Side Of The Stars

85 The Little Morning

86 The Little Morning

87 The Oldest Man In The World

88 In The House Where I Was Born

89 Tanglefoot

90 The Hat The Bed And John J Catherine

91 Pavanne Of The Girl With The Flaxen Hair

92 Quiet Please









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