Pat Novak For Hire

This was an old time radio show starring Jack Webb in the title role when it first started in 1946 and Ben Morris took over the role in 1947 and 1948. Jack Webb played Pat Novak again in 1949. This is a great radio show about a gun for hire, who isn’t always on the right side of the law and the scrapes that he gets himself into.

46-11-24-Dixie Gilian

47-08-03-John Brown Gambling Ring-Morris

47-08-10-Mysterious Set Of Books-Morris

47-11-23-Lydia Reynolds Case-Morris

49-02-20-Jack Of Clubs

49-02-27-Marcia Halpern

49-03-06-Fleet Lady

49-03-13-Reuben Callaway’s Pictures

49-03-20-Rory Malone

49-03-27-Joe Condano

49-04-02-Father Leahy


49-04-09-Shirt Mix-up At The Laundry

49-04-16-Dixie Gillian

49-04-23-Sam Tolliver

49-05-01-Rita Malloy

49-05-08-Wendy Morris

49-05-15-Geranium Plant

49-05-22-Give Envelope to John St. John

49-06-05-Agnes Bolton

49-06-12-Georgie Lampson

49-06-19-Joe Dineen

49-06-26-Little Jake Siegel



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