Nero Wolf


Nero Wolfe was an old time radio show detective that had a few different shows on the radio. In 1943,  the first show, which was on ABC, named The Adventures of Nero Wolfe was cancelled due to differences between the producers at ABC and Nero Wolfe Attractions, Inc., in 1944. MBS picked it up in 1946, renaming it, The Amazing Nero Wolfe. This show ended at the end of the same year. On October 20, 1950, the NBC version aired and it was called The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe. The show ended on April 27, 1951. In 1982, CBC premiered a 13-part radio series, entitled, Nero Wolfe. There have been movies, TV series and even, a cartoon strip made, based on the books starring this odd detective.

Stamped for Murder

The Case of the Care-Worn Cuff

Case of the Careless Cleaner

The Beautiful Archer

The Brave Rabbit

The Impolite Corpse

The Girl Who Cried Wolfe

The Slaughtered Santas


The Bashful Body

The Deadly Sellout

The Killer Cards

The Calculated Risk

The Phantom Fingers

The Vanishing Shells

A Party for Death


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