My Favorite Husband

my favorite husbandThis old time radio show starred Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as Liz and George Cooper. The show ran from 1948 to 1951. This show was before the famous I Love Lucy, however, the premise was very similar. Lucille Ball played the wacky wife and Richard Denning played the straight-laced husband.

George’s Old Flame aka Cooper’s10th Wedding Anniversary

Literary Club’s Speaker Comes To Dinner

Mother’s Surprise

The Portrait Artist

Charity Bazaar Kissing Booth

Liz Teaches The Samba

Liz’s Mother Has Second Thoughts

Liz Has Her Fortune Told

General Mrs. Timberlake aka Liz The General

Knitting Baby Booties

Young Matron’s League Tryouts

Young Matron’s League Game


Liz Sells Dresses

The Quiz Show

Katy Roscoe

Learning To Drive

George Attends A Teen-age Dance

Is There A Baby In The House

Be Your Husband’s Best Friend

Liz’s New Dress


Young Matron’s League Tryouts

Over Budget-Beans

Piano Violin Lessons



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