Ma Perkins


Ma Perkins was an old time radio soap opera.  The show was one of the first soap operas on the radio and the talented, Anne Hummert helped to perfect the soap opera formula with this program that began in 1933 and continued on for 27 more years, until 1930.  Virginia Payne played Ma Perkins and never missed a performance the entire 27 years.





005 Sonia Fades Out

006 Sonia Is Shot

007 Willy & Every Lie To Ma

0423 (1935)

0424 (1935)

4433 Cousin Sylvester Tries To Cheat Evie

4434 Sylvester Has Tricked Willie


4435 Shuffle Wants To Visit Ma

4436 Sylvester Has Gotten A Package

4437 Evil Sylvester Is Out On Parole

4438 Willie Invests $2000

4439 Sylvester Has Bought A New Car

4440 Sylvester Wants Fayes Inheritance



(1960-11-24) 2nd Last Episode



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