Little Orphan Annie

This was one of old time radio’s very first serial drama for kids. Little Orphan Annie old time radio show was based on a famous comic strip by Harold Gray. The show was sponsored by Ovaltine and offered fans of the show secret decoders, rings and mugs used to shake your Ovaltine in. In the radio show, as in the comic strip, Annie and her dog Sandy, along with Joe Corntassel would battle gangsters, smugglers and pirates.

The Tin Box (About twins Peter and Paul)

Annie’s Big Surprise Birthday Party

Jake Is Sick

To Work

Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary

Who Shot Tom Baines Dog?

Mr. Flint Is Selling Stock In Toll Bridge

Mr Flint Tries To Sell Stock To Jake

Watching The Bridge Being Built

Second Grade Logs Used In Bridge

Tony Is Arrested For Robbery

A Light In The Old Deserted House

Bill Corwin Has Disappeared

Looking For Bill Corwin

The Bridge Is Destroyed


Telegram For Mr. Silo

Mr. Silo Prepares For Trip

Annie And Joe Are Going On Trip

Spies Have Stolen The Plane

Flying In The New Silent Airplane

Building A Radio Transmitter

Daddy Warbucks Searches For Annie

Queen Of The Island


Testing For Diamonds

Daddy Warbucks Hears Radio Signals

Temple In The Jungle

Auction Sale Of Jed’s Showboat

Annie Follows Mysterious Lady

Black Jacket

Night On The Island


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