Lightning Jim

Lightning Jim tells the story of Jim Whipple, U.S. Marshal. The main characters are Lightning Jim, his horse, Thunder, and deputy, Whitey Larson. This was a western and told the stereotypical cowboy and indian stories of those days. The first time this series aired was in the 1940’s and was named The Adventures of Lightning Jim. It returned in the 1950’s as Lightning Jim.

(001) Jesse James Helps the Marshal

(002) The Outlaw’s Son

(003) Lightning Jim Meets Wild Bill Hickok

(004) Whitey Pays a Debt

(005) Lightning Jim Races Against Death

(006) Lightning Jim and Calamity Jane

(007) Lightning Jim Shows Black Bear the White Man’s Trail

(008) Belle Starr, The Female Outlaw

(009) The Snake Strikes

(010) Lightning Jim Visits Broken Horn

(011) Union Pacific

(012) Lightning Jim and Disorder in the Court

(013) Lightning Jim’s Brand

(014) Huldah Takes Charge

(015) Whitey Appoints a Deputy Marshal

(016) Lightning Jim Meets Texas Lil

(017) Lightning Jim Meets Deadwood Dick

(018) Mad Killer Dirk

(019) Thunder To The Rescue

(020) Helps Kansas Kate

(021) Lightning Jim Meets Little Bear

(022) Little Bear Repays a Debt


(023) Lightning Jim Prevents a Lynching

(024) The Judgement Of Colonel Colt

(025) A Marshal Quits the Service

(027) The Pony Express

(028) Little Lord Bernard

(029) The Silver Bullet

(030) The Wrong Man

(031) The Trapper’s Trap

(032) The Devil’s Dishpan

(033) The Tornado

(034) The Vengeance of El Muerto

(035) Death Rides with Gold aka Jericho’s Gold Mine

(036) Lightning Jim Snares a Hawk

(037) Lightning Jim Springs a Trap

(038) A Lawman’s Badge

(039) A Parson Takes a Hand

(040) Red Man’s Range

(xxx) Canyon Of Lost Souls

(xxx) The Death of the Blazing Sun

(xxx) The Hornet’s Nest




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