Let’s Pretend

LetsPretend-BackCover-300Let’s Pretend was originally called The Adventures of Helen and Mary. Nila Mack produced the show and thought that children should tell the story since the stories were for them to begin with. The show went on to win the Peabody award and was on the air from 1934 until 1954. The show would start with the audience of children being greeted by Uncle Bill Adams with “Hello, Pretenders!” The children would respond with a, “Hello, Uncle Bill!” Classic fairy tales and children’s stories were then acted out.

08-22-42 Why The Sea is Salty

08-29-42 The Little Mermaid

09-05-42 The Elves and the Shoemaker

09-12-42 The Water of Life

09-19-42 Prince Gigi and the Magic Ring

12-26-42 House of the World Christmas Special

01-23-43 King Midas and the Golden Touch

03-20-43 Princess Moonbeam

03-05-44 Frog Prince

07-27-46 The Yellow Dwarf

08-03-46 The Goose Girl

08-10-46 The Story of Faithful John

10-26-46 Jack and the Beanstalk

06-07-47 Six Swans

06-21-47 Bluebeard

06-28-47 Thumbelina

07-05-47 Brother and Sister

07-12-47 The Brave Little Indian

07-26-47 The Chinese Nightingale

08-16-47 The Youth Who Learned to Shiver and Shake


08-23-47 Melilot

08-30-47 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

09-06-47 The Twelve Months

09-13-47 The Donkey the Table and the Stick

09-20-47 The Enchanted Frog

09-27-47 Cinderella

04-03-49 The Princess and the Pea

04-16-49 Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves

07-09-49 The Tinderbox

08-06-49 Rapunzel

06-21-52 King Thrushbeard

08-16-52 The White Cat

One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes

Snow Queen

Robin Hood

Puss and Boots

The Night Before Christmas

King Arthur’s Son

Beauty and the Beast

The Chinese Nightengale

Uncle Bill Interview


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