Hopalong Cassidy


Just about everyone has heard of Hopalong Cassidy since this was a staple of early American television. The original Hopalong Cassidy were actually films for the big screen and sixty-six movies were made. The transition to the small screen in the 1950’s made Hopalong a huge success and a radio show was produced as well, in order to take advantage of the popularity of this show. Hopalong got his nickname after being shot in the leg.


The Mystery Of Skull Mountain

The King of Spades

The Failure

The Devil and El Diablo

The Dead Man’s Hand

Right Rope Wrong Neck

Renegades Of The San Rafael

Death Comes Invited

California Or Bust

Melody Of Murder

The Unwilling Outlaw


Kidnapper Trail

Hoppy Plays A Hunch

Hoppy Elects A Sheriff

Hoppy Takes The Bulls By The Horns

Hook Line And Murder

Bandit Of Blackton Bend

Death Crosses The River

Coltsville Terror






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