Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

Jean Rogers
Buster Crabbe

Flash Gordon was a popular science fiction old time radio serial that aired in 1935. This was an extremely popular show and Flash Gordon spawned a comic strip, as well as, quite a few big screen productions throughout the years.

1. On The Planet Mongo

2. Battling A Plant And An Earthman

3. The Prison Ship

4. Can Zarkov Save Hawkmens City

5. Flash Inspects Kingdom of Caves

6. Zarkov To The Rescue

7. Promoted To Commander In Chief

8. The Battle Begins

9. Wounded In The Heat Of Battle

10. A Cool Way To Win

11. Zarkov Has To Rescue Dale

12. The Antidote

13. Has Flash Made A Mistake


14. General Tal Attacks Flash

15. Dale Is Rescued By The Boys

16. A Voice From The Shadows

17. Flash Returns

18. After Him Soldiers

19. Flash Captures Azura

20. The Men Of The Dwarf Tunnels

21. Azura Tries To Negotiate

22. Flash Defends Azura

23. Jealousy

24. It’s Finally Over

25. Landing In Malaysia

26. Good-bye Jungle Jim Hello USA


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