Ellery Queen


Two cousins, Manfred B. Lee and Fred Dannay, entered a 1920’s writing contest and won it with a character based on both Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Watson. This character, who they named Ellery Queen, combined the characteristics of both, Holmes and Watson. The cousins continued writing novels about Ellery Queen after winning the contest. The character, Ellery Queen was a writer who took on mystery cases and wrote books based on his adventures. The cousins’ novels were turned into a popular old time radio show.

Adventure of the Scarecrow

Adventures of the sing bat

Arm Chair Detective

Dead Man’s Cavern

One Diamond

The Adventures of the Message In Red


The Adventures of the Mischief Maker

The Adventures of the World Series Crime

The Mischief Maker

The Scarecrow and the Snowman

The Singing Rat

The Three Frogs


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