DragnetDragnet was one of the most well-known police dramas on the radio, as well as the television. It was so well known that three movies were made based on it. One was made in 1954 and in 1966, a made for television film was produced but did not air until 1969. In 1987,  Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks starred in the comedic version of Dragnet, which was very successful.  Dragnet started out as a highly successful radio show, which featured Jack Webb as Detective Joe Friday.  Dragnet produced shows that were based on real cases and the names were changed to protect the innocent.

49-06-10 Ep 002 Homicide

49-06-17 Ep 003 The Werewolf

49-06-24 Ep 004 Homicide

49-07-07 Ep 005 Helen Corday

49-07-14 Ep 006 Red Light Bandit

49-07-21 Ep 007 City Hall Bombing

49-07-28 Ep 008 Big Missing

49-08-04 Ep 009 Benny Trounsel

49-08-11 Ep 010 Homicide


49-08-18 Ep 011 Sixteen Jewel Thieves

49-08-25 Ep 012 Police Academy-Mario Koski

49-09-01 Ep 013 Myra the Redhead








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