Danger Dr. Danfield


Dr. Dan Danfield is a criminal psychologist in this old time radio series. Just because Dr. Danfield is a criminal psychologist does not mean that this show is going to be deep. It’s not the best detective drama series and lacks any kind of sound effects. If you are looking for something light and something that doesn’t require much thought, then go ahead and listen to this stodgy radio show.

Death Paints a Picture

The Whirling Mirror


Bird in a Gilded Cage

Money in a Basket

Who Will Live Longer

Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star

Life Insurance Claim

The Professor

Manuel Abello

Murder of Cora Rogers

Norman Miles

Nola Jerrolds Wants to Kill Her Husband

The Case of the Darkened Face


Harriet Miller

Red Jacoby

Henry Comes Home

Edgar Allen Poe Manuscript

Legend of Windigo

A Diamond Pendant Stolen

Who Killed Eve Shelton

Sam Hardy Makes a Bet With Death

The Case of the Counterfeit Ten Dollar Bills

Mad Men Strike Swiftly

Death Tunes in at 790 Kilocycles

Mental Hospital

Tunnel Smelled of Death

Ghost of Murdock Swamp


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