Clitheroe Kid


The Clitheroe Kid was a BBC radio show that featured Jimmy Clitheroe in the title role that ran from 1957 to 1972. The story took place in a town somewhere north of England. Jimmy had a best friend named Ozzie, who was only heard of through others. This was a comedy and Jimmy tended to make jokes at other’s expense.

59-02-09 Clitheroe The Hound Dog

63-12-29 A Load Of Chinese Junk

65-10-31 The Evils Of Tomato Juice

67-08-10 Beware Of The Neighbour

69-12-14 Heat The Test Tube And Run

71-04-18 Go West Old Man

71-04-25 Once Upon A Cup-tie

71-05-02 Jobs For The Ladies

71-05-09 Tennis Just Isn’t Cricket

71-05-16 Whatever Happened To Grandad

71-05-30 Is There A Boss In The House

71-06-06 In At The Deep End


71-06-27 Thinking About A Holiday

72-05-21 My Great Aunt’s Great

72-05-28 Why Mother’s Leave Home

72-06-04 The Day The Fun Fair Hit Town

72-06-11 If You Can’t Keep A Secret Sell It

72-06-18 The Swiss Family Clitheroe

72-06-25 The Romantic Higginbothams

72-07-02 Why Must The Show Go On

72-07-09 A Letter From America For Grandad




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