Cinnamon Bear


Cinnamon Bear was an old time radio Christmas series. It consisted of fifteen minute episodes that were aired at the end of November and continued until Christmas. This was a Christmas classic radio show and was enjoyed by many. It was a fantasy drama and told the story of how Paddy O’Cinnamon helped twins Jimmy and Judy find the Silver Star that was stolen from their Christmas tree. They have to go to Maybeland, in order to get back the star.

37-11-29 Paddy O’Cinnamon

37-11-30 Weary Willy

37-12-01 Crazy Quilt Dragon

37-12-02 The Ikaboo’s

37-12-03 Weasley Wailing Whale

37-12-04 Samuel Seal

37-12-05 Presto The Magician

37-12-06 Candy Pirates

37-12-07 Rolly Polly Policeman

37-12-08 Professor Whiz

37-12-09 Fee Foo the Gentle Giant

37-12-10 Rhyming Rabbit

37-12-11 The Wintergreen Witch


37-12-12 Queen Melissa

37-12-13 Snapper Stick Crocodile

37-12-14 Oliver Ostrich

37-12-15 Muddlers

37-12-16 Cocklebur Cowboys

37-12-17 Wooden Indian

37-12-18 Flying Hat

37-12-19 Snowman

37-12-20 Santa Claus

37-12-21 The Bad Dolls

37-12-22 The Parade

37-12-23 Captain Tintop

37-12-24 North Pole


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