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Sherlock Holmes

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Our Miss Brooks

The Adventures of Ozzie andHarriet

Screen Guild Theater-Part 4-1945-46

Screen Guild Theater-Part 3-1943-44

The Hindenburg Disaster

Screen Guild Theater-Part 2-1941-42

Screen Guild Theater-Part 1-1939-40

The Life of Riley

Strange As It Seems


Wild Bill Hickok

Raleigh Cigarette Program

Let’s Pretend

Fibber McGee and Molly

The Cavalcade of America

Pepper Young’s Family

Crime Classics

Family Doctor

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Elvis Presley Live Recordings


Archie Andrews

My Favorite Husband

Up For Parole

Tennessee Jed Sloan

John Steele Adventurer

Little Orphan Annie

In The Name Of The Law

I Love A Mystery

Can You Imagine That

Fantastic Four

Love Story Magazine

Lightning Jim

The Johnny Cash Radio Show

Jerry Of The Circus

Jimminy Cricket in ABC Documentary Predicting What 1960 Will Be Like

Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon

Ma Perkins

Nick Carter, Master Detective

You Are There

Old Gold Comedy Theater

Pat Novak For Hire

Clitheroe Kid

Ranger Bill

Secret Agent K-7

Vic And Sade

World Adventurer’s Club

Abbott And Costello

Let George Do It

Laurel And Hardy

The Key

Kay Fairchild, Stepmother

Quiet Please

The Shadow

Vintage Commercials

Jungle Jim Page 1

Jack Paar

Jungle Jim Page 2

Hornblower Stories

The Haunting Hour


Gene Autry



Flash Gordon

Ed Wynn The Fire Chief

FBI In Peace And War

Death Valley Days

Deadline Mystery

Dark Venture

Dangerously Yours

Daddy And Rollo

Dangerous Assignment

Danger Dr. Danfield

Cinnamon Bear

Chandu The Magician

Casey Crime Photographer

Candy Matson

Campbell’s Playhouse

Calling All Cars

Boris Karloff

Blackstone The Magic Detective

Bill Stern’s Sport Newsreel


Barrie Craig-Confidential Investigation

The Bold Venture

The Bob Hope Show

Buck Rogers

Blue Beetle


Mercury Theater

Big Bands

Beyond Midnight

Best Plays

Benny Goodman

Baby Snooks

X Minus One

The Whistler

Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen