Casey Crime Photographer


This was an old radio show that began in the pages of a detective magazine called, Black Mask. “Flashgun” Jack Casey was a character in some short stories in the magazine. Because of the popularity of these short stories, two films were made and then, a series of novels. In 1943, Casey Crime Photographer made its way to the radio and even though the network didn’t think it would do well, this radio show lasted until 1950.

47-03-20 Demon Mine

47-11-06 Blonde Lipstick

48-07-08 Death in Lover’s Lane

49-05-19 Cupid Is a Killer

48-03-18 Murder in Black and White


King of the Apes


1947-11-27 After Turkey the Bill

1947-12-04 The Serpent Goddess

1948-01-22 The Ex-Convict


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