Can You Imagine That


This old time radio show took some of the weirdest newspaper articles and columns of the day and turned them into vignettes and short sketches. Listen in on some of these strange but true stories of the 1940’s and decide if times have really changed.

(01) Aunt Mary’s New Tooth

(02) Grog in 1740

(03) Clam Chowder

(04) Bits of Bread (aka Napkins)

(05) Tom Molineaux

(06) Parliament Buildings

(07) Tin Can Tied to Dog’s Tail

(08) First Car of Funeral Train

(09) More Married Men

(10) A Girl Changes Her Mind

(11) 44 Year Old Quarrel

(12) Two Million an Hour

(13) Building Rises from the Sea

(14) Two Days on a Streetcar

(15) Ostracize

(16) Boy Battles Eagle

(17) Sneezing for 21 Days

(18) Stone Giant

(19) Number Two Is Unlucky

(20) Frightened Out of Speech

(21) Chimp Language


(22) 1788 War Prediction

(23) Animals’ Field Day

(24) Two Billion Dollar Bet

(25) Funeral Fire

(26) Explosion Heard Three Thousands Miles Away

(27) Five Men Swindled

(28) Not English

(29) Reward Nineteen Years Later

(30) Joan of Arc

(31) Marriage Customs

(32) Black Cats

(33) His Brother’s Father

(34) Babies and Weather

(35) Detective Stories

(36) Ape Saved Key Possession

(37) Angel of Death

(38) Motion Pictures

(39) Victim Arrested




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