Calling All Cars


Many believe this old time radio show to be the precursor for Dragnet. This show told the stories of the Los Angeles Police Department and how they solved real crimes. There were no main characters because the crimes were solved by all members of the police force,  and thus, there were different characters each week.

33-12-06 Burma White Case

33-12-13 York Gang Holdup

33-12-20 Human Bomb

33-12-27 Cookie Vejar Killing

34-01-03 Missing Mexican Sheiks

34-01-10 Caliente Money Car Holdup

34-01-17 Steele Kidnapping

34-01-24 Clue Of The Grooved Bullets

34-01-31 Castor Oil Diamond Robbery


34-02-07 Clue Of The Smashed Windshield

34-02-14 Time Bombing Case

34-02-21 Mae West Jewel Robbery

38-07-28 Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Parker

38-09-22 The Black Cat

38-09-29 The Barking Dog




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