Blue Beetle


The Blue Beetle was an old time radio show that told the story of a man who fought crime and donned a super hero costume, in order to put fear into criminals and law breakers.  The character was based on a hero that was developed  for the comic book, Mystery Men. Although the show was exciting, the series was very short-lived. Actor Frank Lovejoy played the Blue Beetle in the first thirteen episodes and it is not clear who played the hero after these first thirteen shows.


Thoroughbreds Always Come Through

Spirits Don’t Talk

Death Rides Horseback

Invisible Ghost

Smashing The Arson Ring

Rounding Up The Payroll Bandits

Crime Incorportaed

Saved By A Hair

Finesse In Diamonds

Sabotage Incorporated


Smashing The Restaurant Racket

Two Rackets In One

Underworld Goes Underground


Dancing Ghost Of Rocky Hill

Whale Of Pirates Folly

Asylum Of Doctor Drear

Jewel Mystery of Channel Island

Blasting Dynamite Gang

Death Strikes From The East

Sea Serpent


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