Blackstone The Magic Detective


Blackstone the Magic Detective was an old time radio show that was on the air from 1948 through to 1949. The show was based on Harry Blackstone, who was a magician in real-life. The show revolved around characters name John, Rhoda and of course, Blackstone. The show always starts out with John finding something from Blackstone’s studio, for example, a chainsaw, which then gets Blackstone and Rhoda retelling an adventurous story to John and how magic helped to save them. At the end of the show, a special magic trick is taught to the audience.

48-10-03 The Ghost That Trapped A Killer

48-10-10 The Reluctant Buzzsaw

48-10-17 The Emerald In The Fishbowl

48-10-24 Maharaja’s Gold

48-10-31 Educated Dummy

48-11-07 Riddle Of The Talking Skull

48-11-14 Whispering Buddha

48-11-21 Organ Murder

48-11-28 Ghost That Wasn’t

48-12-05 The Icy Touch

48-12-12 Underwater Death

48-12-19 Coins Of Confucius

48-12-26 Murder On Stage

49-01-02 Midway Robberies

49-01-09 Frozen Lady

49-01-16 Hooded Rider

49-01-23 Phantom Intermezzo

49-01-30 Vanishing Pearls

49-02-06 Curse Of The Yogi

49-02-13 Coins Of Cleopatra

49-02-20 Hand Of Calloused Row

49-02-27 Message From Nowhere


49-03-06 Riddle Of The Red Rose

49-03-13 Aztec Fire God

49-03-20 Missing Palmist

49-03-27 Ladder Of Wealth

49-04-03 Locked Book

49-04-10 Deathless Shot

49-04-17 The Riddle Of The Other Eight Ball

49-05-29 The Knife From The Dark

49-06-12 Hindu Sword Cabinet

49-06-19 Face Of Death

49-06-26 Voice From The Void

49-07-24 Crime in the Stars

49-07-31 The Devil’s Cauldron

49-08-07 The Ghost in the Crypt

49-08-21 Death Defying Death

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