Barrie Craig-Confidential Investigation


Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigation was an old time radio show that was on the air from 1951 through to 1955. Barrie Craig was a private eye who had an office in New York. The main character was played by William Gargan, who was a detective in real life and he used his real life experiences to give the character more depth. The character was very laid back and stayed cool under most circumstances.

Code Of The Underworld

Case Of The Philanthropist Bride

The Paper Bullet

Death Of A Private Eye

The Motive For Murder

Song Of Death

For Love Of Murder

Mid-Summer Lunacy

Blood Money

Hay Is For Homicide


Missing Hotel Room

Corpse On The Town

Cupie Doll

Alias Clark Smith

Johnny Phoenix

Moe and Larry

Bull Fiddle

Barberi Collection

The Big Fix

Blood Money


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