Baby Snooks


The Baby Snooks Show was an old time radio show starring the infamous Fanny Brice. She played a young girl, who was actually 40 years younger than herself. The character, Baby Snooks came from a character in a comic strip called Baby Snookums. Fanny Brice incorporated the character into her vaudeville act in 1912. Baby Snookums started out on the Ziegfield Follies of the Air and then, Brice played the character on the Good News Show. In 1940, she was a regular character on the old time radio show, Maxwell House Coffee Time. Finally, in 1944, Baby Snooks got her own show. The show ended in May of 1951, when Fanny Brice tragically died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

05-18-1939 Golf Tea


06-08-1939 Violet Ray

12-21-1939 Good News Of 1940 Pt1

12-21-1939 Good News Of 1940 Pt2

02-22-1940 Missing Dollar

04-11-1940 Baby Fish Story

09-12-1940 New Car

10-31-1940 Ruined Suit

11-04-1943 Go To Court

12-16-1945 Baby Snooks Is Lost

09-06-1946 Snooks Stays At Home

11-01-1946 Halloween


51-05-01-1951 Report Card

Barking Rabbit

Daddys Old Flame

Easter Bonnet

Hanging Wallpaper

Lady Detective

Snooks Has Amnesia

The Opera

Wheres My Change





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