Archie Andrews


archie andrews

This old time radio show was based on the comic book by the same name. Radio bigwigs were looking to draw teens to the radio and this was the show they used to get them to start listening. The comic book eventually became known as the Archie’s and the Archie’s starred in their own Saturday morning cartoon series  in the 1960’s, along with having a hit single called, “Sugar Sugar.”


1945-06-23 Nazi POW In Riverdale

1946-05-07 A Day At Camp

1946-05-11 Poison Candy

1946-05-18 Hip Talks Jive Talk

1946-07-06 Masked Marvel

1946-07-13 Stranded On Deserted Island

1946-07-27 Drugstore Mixup

1946-10-19 Double Date

1947-03-15 The Red Cross Benefit

1947-08-09 Taking A Bath

1947-11-15 Going To Bed Early

1947-12-13 Christmas Shopping

1948-05-15 The Hiccups Good Night’s Sleep

1948-06-12 Archie Fights A Cold

1948-07-10 Archie Gets Dressed For A Date

1948-07-17 Mr. Andrews Wallpapers A Room

1948-08-07 Suffering From The Heat

1948-08-21 Going On A Picnc

1948-09-04 The Big Dance

1948-09-11 Borrowing A Tire Jack Fixing Flat Tire

1948-09-18 Archie’s In Love

1948-09-25 Free Movie Tickets

1948-10-30 Halloween Party

1948-11-06 Locked Out Of The House

1948-11-20 Guests Are Coming For Dinner


1948-11-27 Laryngitis Ruins Dad’s Nap

1948-12-04 Job At The Drugstore

1949-05-21 The New TV Set

1949-05-28 Careful-Don’t Waken Father

1949-07-13 Sunburned

1949-08-24 Trying To Go Fishing

1949-09-00 Dinner In A Restaurant

1949-10-29 Unknown Title

1949-12-17 Christmas Shopping

1950-03-04 Archie Is Missing

1950-11-11 Mouse In The House

1950-11-18 The Charleston Contest

1951-03-10 Mailing Income Tax

1951-03-17 Too Much Noise

1951-05-06 Jalopy Won’t Start

1951-05-20 Big Ballgame

1951-05-27 Archie The Babysitter

1951-06-03 The Economy Program

1953 Helping Dad At The Office

Bankrupt Rumour

Football Tickets

Glowing Dial Celebrity Interview Bob Hastings

Horseback Riding Lessons

Late For School




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