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Susan Johnson

I love playing guitar, learning new things, listening to the radio and when I have the time, playing a good RPG.


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  1. Cameron says:

    Hello. I did a search for the 1963 BBC production of A Journey to the Center of the Earth and your site was the first one that came up that allowed streaming the episodes. First, I want to thank you for posting them. Were you aware though, that you have them listed out of order? Fortunately the announcer says which episode is presented very near the start, so it was just a matter of playing the first few seconds of each one to discover their correct order, which is…1. The Great Discovery, 2. The Shadow of Scapari, 3. Lost, 4. The Central Sea, 5. The Battle of the Monsters, 6. The Hurricane, 7. The Mysterious Dagger, 8. The Journey is Ended.

    I thought you might like to update the list to save future listeners a bit of time, and perhaps some confusion.

    Thanks again,

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