A Man Called X


a man called xA Man Called X started in 1944 and ran until 1948.  It was picked up once again in 1950 until its last broadcast in 1952. Herbert Marshall play Ken Thurston as the man called X. This was a spy series and some might say that Ian Fleming based the James Bond character  on Agent X of this old time radio show.



Rhythm of Death

Five Ounces Of Treason

Japanese Underground

Terror Across The Nation

A Man a Girl and a Plot

The Clicking Buddah

World War III

Half Penny Stamp

The Girl Who Couldn’t Remember

Man Called X – 20 Will You Marry Me EP.20

Man Called X – Alaska Weather Station EP.84

Man Called X – All That Glitters EP.28


Man Called X – Arctic Expedition Ep.01

Man Called X – Ashes to Ashes EP.32

Man Called X – Black Market In India EP.35

Man Called X – Black Of Diamonds EP.18

Man Called X – Carbon 14 EP.44

Man Called X – Cargo Confidant Ep.22

Man Called X – Casablanca EP.68

Man Called X – Checkmate In Tahiti EP.36

Man Called X – Clicking Buddah EP.70






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