A Date With Judy


a date with judyA Date With Judy premiered in on June 24, 1941. It was a summer replacement show for The Pepsodent Show starring Bob Hope. The show was targeted at teenagers of this era and was very successful. The role of Judy was intended to become America’s sweetheart. The shows consisted of the typical teen-age angst of this era, which involved dating mishaps, sibling rivalries, movie star crushes and other light-hearted dilemmas.

In 1948, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, released the movie, A Date With Judy, starring, Jane Powell, in the lead role.


Click on the links to listen:

A New Dress For The Dance

Father’s Birthday

Oggie’s Band

Aunt Lilly Needs A Date

The Strange Case of Joseph Cotton

Going to a Frank Sinatra Movie

Judy’s Father Tries to Go to Bed Early

Gregory Hickson Lecture

Judy and Oogie Have a Date At the Movies

Playing Hooky

High School Hot Shots’ Get a Job

Judy’s Party

A Party Double Feature

At The Racetrack


Movie Date with Ooggy

Oogie Pringle And His High School Hot Licks

Oogie’s Band




Judy Foster-Ann Gillis(1941)

Judy Foster-Dellie Ellis(1942)

Judy Foster-Louise Erickson(1943-1950)










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